Bacon Avocados are rich with oily flesh and are delicious eaten when fully ripe in sandwiches, salads.


The flesh is a buttery yellow creamy flesh with a delicious flavor. The skin is dark with bright green bumps and is rough textured.


Its flesh is thick, yellow and marginally oily. It has a rich, creamy flavour with notes of hazelnuts and a clean, grassy finish.

Gem Avocado®

Gem avocados are pear-shaped with rough, thick, black skin that is flecked with gold. Known for rivaling hass in quality, Gem avocados have a fantastic, rich flavour. 


The Gwen avocado, a descendant of the famed hass variety, has thick, pebbly skin like the Hass, has a rounder shape and is slightly larger in size, it also remains green in colour when ripe, The Gwen avocado has a small, tight seed in its creamy gold-green flesh, and it offers a  superb nutty flavour and buttery texture.


Hass avocado is known for its quintessentially tumbled leathery fairly thick skin that turns near black when fully mature. The flesh closest to the skin is a lush coloured pale lime green and as it nears the central pit it develops a rich creamy yellow tone and softer, oil rich texture. Hass avocado's flavor reflects its texture - creamy and smooth with a nutty and sweet finish.


The Hazzard is a large elongated fruit with smooth olive green skin. The flesh is creamy and of excellent quality. The skin retains its colour and the tip should yield slightly when ripe.

Lamb Hass

Lamb Hass avocado is larger and rounder than most other avocado varieties. It has a very dark, almost black skin that only gets darker as it ripens. The flesh of the Lamb's Hass avocado is a pale green colour with a creamier consistency than its more common Hass relative. There is a high percentage of meat in a Lamb Hass avocado and it has a slightly nutty and creamy taste. It has a medium-sized stone.


The 'Avozilla', as it is so aptly called, is an avocado that sits at five times the size of a regular avocado.


The Pinkerton is a pear-shaped fruit with a tumbled green, easy-to-peel skin. Its flesh is smooth and creamy in texture, rich and nutty in flavour. The Pinkerton avocado is favored for its flavour and small seed-to-flesh ratio and naturally because of its parentage, is often compared to having similar characteristics as a Hass avocado.


Its flesh is a pale golden yellow it has a relatively large seed. Its flavour, bold, rich, nutty and even buttery.


Sharwill is characterized by the bright green skin of the fruit that doesn't darken when ripe. Elegant, narrow pear shaped fruit, with ample flesh around a small seed, with creamy flesh and a nutty flavour.


Shepard avocados have smooth, glossy green skin they always stay green, even when ripe. They have a nutty flavour and buttery texture.

Sir Prise

Sir Prise, the skin is pliable and separates easily from the flesh, revealing a buttery, yellow­ green interior similar to the Hass in both appearance and in quality. The flesh has a buttery, high-oil texture with a nutty and sweet flavour.


Wurtz is a popular variety of avocado, prized for its rich, flavoursome fruit.